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Kelsey Creek Solar Farm in the local newspaper Whitsunday Guardian:
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Kelsey Creek Solar Farm is a project initiated by local landowners and businesses from within the local community.

The project Consortium (KCSFC) envisages to bring a large-scale renewable energy generator to the Whitsunday region. Kelsey Creek Solar Farm - up to date the largest solar farm in Queensland and the third largest in Australia. Community support and local sourcing are the cornerstones for Kelsey Creek Solar Farm. Benefits created for the Whitsunday region will be employment opportunities, local investment, and nationwide promotion as a sustainable region supplied by renewable energy.

Major project development tasks are undertaken by specialist companies from within the Whitsunday region. The plant design and Engineering know-how is provided by an Australian engineering consultancy specialising in solar photovoltaic systems. Global best-practice in Construction & Operation will come from international project partners who have a wealth of experience in the deployment of large-scale solar PV around the world.