Project Partners

Janella Farming

A local farmer for generations the land of the site has been delivered by locals for this project 

Green Energy Technologies

The region has enlisted the help of the number 1 solar company in the Whitsunday region to deliver this project. Green Energy Technologies is the local point of contact and will be involved during the construction works. Getech's greatest success to date has been in its community engagement and ability to get projects across the line with community support. Getech delivered numerous projects for and with community organisations within the area of Kelsey Creek Solar Farm, which has enabled Getech to garner community support.

Soltec Renewables

Project Partner from within the Australian Renewable Energy space

Project Consultants

Clean Technology Partners

Clean Technology Partners (CTP) has been engaged to undertake detailed design, engineering and grid connection of Kelsey Creek Solar Farm. Clean Technology Partners is an Australian engineering consultancy specialising in solar photovoltaic systems. Projects with CTP involvement are known for a high level of technical proficiency, quality and innovative engineering solutions for solar PV systems. Recent best-practice experience from national and international projects has flown into the design of Kelsey Creek Solar Farm. Clean Technology Partners is working closely with the development team and project partners to ensure a successful, sustainable and beneficial project outcome for stakeholders and entire local community.


RPS Mackay has a strong, multidisciplinary team of local staff - capable of meeting the region's infrastructure and mining demands, tourism and residential growth, along with the requirements of the agricultural sector. RPS has a reputation for professionalism and technical excellence.

Ground Environments

Ground Environments Pty Ltd (GE) are an engineering company that specialises in predicting and modelling ground conditions as they relate to build and natural environments. Primary focus is the delivery of consultant services that sufficiently describe ground and environmental conditions as relevant to the client's brief or the project.