The site will occupy nearly 105ha of land on which will utilise advanced polycrystalline PV modules.  The latest high quality polycrystalline photovoltaic modules will be used.  Some key features of the modules include;

  • High efficiency
  • High resistance to potential and light induced degradation.
  • Unique module construction.
  • Future proof for systems up to 1500Vdc.
  • Structurally robust and purpose built for utility scale plants.

Due to the site being situated in Wind Region C as defined by AS1170.2 key considerations need to be given to wind loadings on the solar modules. Shallow fixed tilt framework will be utilised to minimise wind loadings on the panels enabling good energy yields and optimising ground mounted framework solutions.  

Advanced European inverter technology will be used to convert the direct current (DC) power produced from the solar PV modules into mains alternating current (AC) power.  The power will be collected through a series of low/high voltage cables and step-up transformers to direct the energy back into the grid.  This is similar to the way your home solar system might work except on a much bigger scale.  Advanced grid connection features can be enabled within the system providing grid support and assisting power system stability in the existing grid.

The site will produce enough energy to power up to 18,000 homes annually, displacing dirty fossil fuel generators and paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable electricity industry.

Key Technical Information:

Total PV Module Qty:  192000
Solar PV Module Type:  Polycrystalline
Framework Type:  Fixed Tilt
Connection Voltage: 66kV
Distribution Voltage: 22kV
Rated AC Capacty: 55MVA / 50MW
Annual Energy Generation: ~109,000,000 kWh (enough annual electricity generation for ~18,000 homes!)